British Fantasy Society Award for Best Novel ("The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant"), 1979
 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, 1979
 Balrog Fantasy Award for Best Novel (The Wounded Land), 1981
 Balrog Fantasy Award for Best Novel (The One Tree), 1983
 Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Novel (The One Tree), 1983
 Balrog Fantasy Award for Best Collection (Daughter of Regals and Other Tales), 1985
 Science Fiction Book Club Award for Best Book of the Year (The Mirror of Her Dreams), 1988
 Science Fiction Book Club Award for Best Book of the Year (A Man Rides Through), 1989
 The College of Wooster Distinguished Alumni Award, 1989
 Julia Verlanger Award (France) for The Mirror of Her Dreams, 1990
 WIN/WIN Popular Fiction Readers Choice Award for Favorite Fantasy Author, 1991
 Atlanta Fantasy Fair Award for Outstanding Achievement, 1992
 LittD (honorary), The College of Wooster, 1993
 Shodan, Anshin Personal Defense, 1994
 President's Award, The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, 1997
 Nidan, Anshin Personal Defense, 2000
 World Fantasy Award for Reave the Just and Other Tales, 2000
 Sandan, New Mexico Shotokan, 2003
 LittD (honorary), The University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 2009
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